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Chase THE Light Day 18...9.18.23

Welcome to Day 18 of Chase THE Light Project: I am Thankful

Today’s verse is from Romans 1:8. “First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is proclaimed in all the world.”

Did you catch that?  First, I thank my God.

We thank Him first before anything else.

Can you thank Him today that there is no condemnation for those of us that are going to mess up today?

Can you thank Him today for the blessings you see right in front of you?

Can you thank Him today for freedoms that you have?

Can you thank Him today because you have been blessed with another day?

Can you thank Him today for the eyes looking back at you?

Can you thank Him today for the grace He pours out?

Can you thank Him today for being always present?

Can you thank Him today for your mess because He wants you to use it for His message?

Write out your thanks today…write as long as you can. Sit with Him, your coffee, your journal and thank Him for everything that pops into your mind. The good, the not so good, the beautiful, the not so beautiful…whatever you can think of.

Activity:  Make a gratitude journal for the family. Leave it out so that everyone can add to it daily. Or pick a wall. One time my family did a gratitude wall…we used post-it-notes and covered our whole kitchen wall.  We did 3 a day from each of us. The wall was beautiful!  Something else you could do is at dinner do the “Rose/Thorn” activity. Each family member gives one thorn (bad thing) that happened…talk it out…and then end with a Rose (the good thing) that happened from that day.



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