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Day 182

 The Kids and I made Star Bird Feeders Sunburst with a Star Feeder

Day 181

"Simon Says....Touch The Tail of Your Horse!"

Day 180

 Joint Snake Bubbles Snake Bubbles!! 

Day 179

Gummy Worms! 

Day 178

Superman....every little boys dream!  ;)

Day 177

Boots!  =)

Day 176

Our Tree  :)

Day 175

Caverns!  Water Reflection!  :)

Day 174

Fountain Fun

Day 173

Ice Cream Party!

Day 172

My Yoga Mat and My Camera.  :)

Day 171

How Little Man sits at his desk!

Day 170

For Science Today...Predictions of what will Sink vs. Float! 

Day 169

Trophies for the Best Daddy in the WORLD!  xoxo

Day 168

New Favorite Wine  :)

Day 167

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Have a brownie!

Day 166

Talking to Mr. Bunny!

Day 165

A Glow Stick Bath----"TOOL MOMMY" (tool = cool)

Day 164

Playing :)

Day 163


Day 162

Ballerina Flowers in a Heart Filled Vase :)

Day 161

 Dance #1 ---- TAP Dance #2 ---- Ballet

Day 160

Blow Me Down!

Day 159

Thankful that Little Man LOVES long bike rides!  :)

Day 158

Morning Star! (Inspiration from ClickinMoms)

Day 157

Recommitting to stepping on my mat...daily!  "Keep Shining!" ~Baron Baptiste

Day 156

Do YOU need a Kiss today?

Day 155

Library Day! 

Day 154

ZOO Day!

Day 153

Movie Night....In Honor of Studying Ancient Egypt =)