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Day 181

Today's Morning Activity...Mommy School...Because THEY ASK FOR IT! 1,000 Gifts  Thankful

Day 180

Doing Some Work =)

Day 179

Mini Me Decided We All Needed Glitter Tattoos... So She Hooked Us Up!

Day 178

Horse Parade!

Chosen--- Proverbs 31 OBS Blog Hop

A group of kids stand in a line while 2 captains pick their teams.   I remember the feeling as a kid if you were one of the first few called…it felt good.   I was chosen!   But if you were one of the last called…it felt like you were unwanted.   Only picked because you were the last one standing and had to go somewhere. Thank goodness we have a God who chooses us without question—a God that has no partiality. He chooses everyone… no one is missed ! Susie Larson says in her book, Your Beautiful Purpose , “God has a desire for us here, but remember, so does the devil.   Someone once said that both God and the devil have a plan for our lives.   And we are the ones who cast the deciding vote.”    We decide which team we want to be on.   Good vs Evil. God chooses us regardless of our past or our mistakes or our future mistakes.   He chooses us because He loves us. God works for our good .   Eph. 1:4 sates, “ God loved us and chose us in Christ .”   He ch