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Day 274

Daddy and Son

Day 273

Quiet Time

Day 272

4:00am Yoga Practice...I feel better :)

Day 271


Day 270

"We live by faith, not by sight" ~2 Corinthians 5:7

Day 269

Day 268

Craving a Grilled Cheese

Day 267

Perfect Way to Start the Day!  Coffee and the Hot Tub!  I love FALL!

Day 266

Many of these today!

Day 265

Thankful it is Friday!

Day 264

Beautiful Day :)

Day 263

Since it is "National Talk like a Pirate Day" - Pirate Booty!  Thar Be Good!

Day 262

Superhero School

Day 261

Sun Rising

Day 260

Fall Decorating Has Begun!

Day 259

My Girl's Book Club Book

Day 258

Bike Ride Pit Stop  =)

Day 257

Shopping with Iron Man

Day 256

Reading with Little Man outside!  =)

Day 255


Day 254

Early Morning Quiet Time

Day 253

Future Hockey Player

Day 252 Part 2

Beautiful Sunset...took this on the phone. 

Day 252

 Ice Show!

Day 251

Good Morning!

Day 250

Day 249

Prayers for Margaret and all of her family she starts school without Jack.

Day 248

Kissing Hand Cookies for the 1st Day of School!

Day 247

Fall Has Arrived in My Book!  Pumpkin Spice Lattes are HERE!  :)

Day 246

We did it again! :)

Day 245

Painting Pottery Day =)