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Day 151

Day 150

Medal Day....and apparently we need our nails trimmed and cleaned!  ;) 

Afraid to Courage ---- Proverbs 31 OBS Blog Hop

This is the first week of our new study, Limitless Life by Derwin Gray, in Proverbs 31 OBS.  This book is about getting free of the labels we place on ourselves and moving forward with God in freedom.   I don’t know about you but I have been putting labels on myself for a very long time.   As a child I would say that “I wasn’t smart enough.”  As a teen I would say that “I wasn’t tall enough” or “pretty enough” or “I’ll just fail at that.”  As a young wife I would say that “I wasn’t good enough to be his wife.”  And as a mother I will say that “I don’t mother well enough,” that “I’m just a stay at home mom,” or that “fear can swallow me whole and I’ll just stay in my bubble.”  Really all these labels = FEAR. Sometimes I’d rather wear the labels than to step out into what God is calling me to do. Because I think that would be easier.  I’ve been doing it for a very long time…it’s what I know.     I’ll say, “Oh, I could NEVER do that because I’