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Day 244

Superman Looking For His Watch

Day 243

Sometimes....Mommy just needs 2 cookies and milk! 

Day 242


Day 241

Kids are learning to use chopsticks  =)

Day 240

Play Ball!

Day 239

Making Pretzels!

Day 238

My babies! 

Day 237

It's Movie Night....Guess What We're Watching?  =)

Day 236

 The new book series of "Owl's Adventure"  This is book 1! "Hoot goes on an adventure to the secret cave.  No one has ever been there.  What does she find?" Hoot says, "You will love my book series" 

Day 235

Another Morning Working at School

Day 234

Forks!  My hope for the new school year...eating as a family!  :)

Day 233

Sharpening these bad boys today! 

Day 232

Virginia Tech Duck Pond

Day 231

My Little

Day 230

Day 229

2 edits  :) 

Day 228

One of my anniversary flowers on a mirror....with a cool edit. 

Day 227

I Need Monkey Slippers!

Day 226

Framed and Hanging  :)

Day 225

Corn Bread!

Day 224

George Mason University....Health & Safety Symposium

Day 223

Guard Dog  =)

Day 222

 Anniversary Flowers!

Day 221

Something Sweet for 14 years with my Sweetie!   ;)

Day 220

Day 219

Funky edit!  :)

Day 218

This is actually a sunset from our trip...I took it with my phone from our hotel room.

Day 217

My book arrived!  Woo Hoo!  :)

Day 216

Took this the other day...Jamestown

Day 215

Spent a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge!  Kids had fun!

Day 214