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Day 91

Another iPhone picture today! 

Day 90


Day 89

 Fresh out of the dryer---cozy warm!

Day 88

Legos for Girls!  LOVE

Day 87

Good Morning

Day 86

Trying to RELAX =)

Day 85

1 Peter 2:5 (NLT) "And now God is building you, as living stones,  into his spiritual temple.  What's more, you are God's holy priests, who offer the spiritual sacrifices that please him because of Jesus Christ."

Day 84

 Art Show Work  2nd Piece  Old House!!!

Day 83

Love this book and Ann!  A Must Read!!

Day 82


Day 81

iPhone Picture---We Love Books!

Day 80


Day 79

Beautiful March!

Day 78 Part 2

Happy Birthday Jack

Day 78

Balloons for Jack!

Day 77

 In the Fire Truck!  Driving the Fire Truck!  Fire Truck Cake in the Grass!  :)

Day 76

Fire Truck Party

Day 75---part 2

 Shock Face!  Getting ready to go for a ride! Checking it all out!   Birthday Waffle for dinner!  

Day 75

"I love you Mommy and I'm three today!"

Day 74

BIRTHDAY BOY (and took this picture last weekend)

Day 73


Day 72

Time To Ride

Day 71

 CHEESE   Leaning over! Doggie in mid shake!

Day 70

My HEMI  :)

Day 69

Day 68

Miley---a bit sweet and sour!  :)

Day 67

 Working on Water Drops   This weeks Challenge---ROUND

Day 66 part 2

B I G Moon

Day 66


Day 65

Flying away!

Day 64

Praise Band :)

Day 63 Part 2

Saturday Date :)

Day 63


Day 62

Bubble For YOU!

Day 61---White Balance Practice

 Auto WB SS 1/80 F 1.8 ISO 400  WB Incandescent SS 1/80 F1.8 ISO 400 WB-PREset (trying to use gray card) SS 1/80 F1.8 ISO 400