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Changed and Transformed ------ Proverbs 31 OBS Blog Hop

It’s the day after Easter.   The kids are beginning to stir and wake.   I can hear them coughing and sneezing- allergies.   A new season is being born…beautiful blooms of flowers and trees busting open causes my peeps to be miserable.   The day after Easter - the Resurrection - a new hope…a new life…a new being born…all because of God’s Son.   All because of Jesus .    Anxiety and fear are my natural default.   As a kid I had so much anxiety in me before school days.   When I was in elementary school I was so afraid of a math tutor that I would have to go see…that one day I just hid in the stairwell thinking that I would stay there until it was time to go back to class.   I even heard my name being called over the speaker but never left the stairwell.    Jesus knows my name.      I’ve grown up but other things try to steal my peace. I was broken and starving for real food. Starving for The Bread of Life . I began to open up God’s Word and really