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Day 243

Day 242

"In the silent times-- SEEK GOD In the painful times-- PRAISE GOD In the terrible times-- TRUST GOD at ALL times-- THANK GOD!" ~Ann Voskamp

Breaking Chains! ~~~Proverbs 31 OBS Blog Hop Day!!

This week’s topic for me from Melissa Taylors Online Bible Study is about Breaking Chains and writing a declaration of hope and freedom from this chain!  So…here goes mine! “We all worship something….will it be the opinions of others, our fears or even our own comfort?”   Lysa TerKeurst. Oh boy…that hit me hard because if I’m being honest…I have a slight problem with what people think of me and with people pleasing.  This “opinions of others” hits me hard especially since I have started writing on my “365 photo a day” blog.    I’ll be the first one to tell my kids not to worry what other people think…to only worry about what God thinks!  (Well, and what your parents might think about it!) But, to only worry about God’s opinion…and only having an audience to ONE!  The One! “The moment you stop caring what other people think — is most likely when you start doing what God wants.”  ~Ann Voskamp BUT…when it comes to ME, I do worry about