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Day 31 of 31 Days of Chasing THE Light {Day 303}

Reflecting Light Well, this 31 days of chasing Him didn’t go quite as I had planned but I did look and see Him more this month. AND…that was my hope.  I hope that you looked for Him more in your days this month than before and that it has become a part of who you are now. That when you start to veer off the road – you see it before old habits can move back in.  I pray that you chase Him because He is always chasing you. I pray that you look for Him throughout your day and in the eyes of those speaking to you. I pray that you are the light for someone else. I pray that you are less likely to jump and more likely to pause. I pray that when you feel stress you call out to Him and de-stress. I pray that you take the time to breathe slow and remember that the sound your breath makes – is the name of God. I pray that you look up and out more and less at your phone. I pray that we all reflect His light more in this dark world. I pra

31 Days of Chasing THE Light Day 30 {Day 302}

Golden Light "Out of the north He comes in golden splendor, God comes in awesome majesty." ~Job 37:22 Happy Monday!  Heaven is always reaching down and He is begging us to look up. Let’s take our eyes off our problems and put them on the One who can handle it all. Let's open our eyes, our minds and our hearts to the One who is not surprised by any of the mess going on. He's got it and all we need to do is lean into Him and trust. Trust today as we try to remain in His light...His embrace is warm.