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Day 366

"Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth. Give Thanks. Become the gift." ~Ann Voskamp

Day 365

PS playing with today's sky ***One more day in 2012...technically 366 days this year!

Day 364

Day 4 of Training!  2 hours post workout shake!  Instagram Shot

Day 363

Cookie Party with BFF's!  Instagram Photo

Day 362


Day 361 Part 2

Miley...the other child that loves the snow!

Day 361

Snowman in the snow

Day 360

Birthday Waffle for Jesus. 

Day 359 Part 2

Christmas Eve Snow  :)

Day 359

Christmas Eve Morning Sunrise

Day 358

Went to see the Nutcracker today!  FUN!  :)

Day 357

More Candy Cane Love...Swinging on the Swing!

Day 356 Part 2

Christmas Lights

Day 356

Happy First Day of Winter!

Day 355

Day 354

The Gift

Day 353

Baking ! Baking! Baking!  Cookies for the Teachers Cookie Exchange! 

Day 352

For my skater!  :)

Day 351

Santa on the Fire Truck

Day 350

We are responsible for our children, all children...I grieve for the loss of children and can not imagine ever going through this.  This mother is praying for all the mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, friends, and emergency responders who saw all of it.  Praying.  Praying.  Praying. Jesus!

Day 349

The Sparkle Box...great book!  The kids are excited to add more presents for Jesus in the box! Instagram picture

Day 348

Mommy's new shirt....The things I do for little man!  :)

Day 347

Day 346

Reindeer in Flight.  ;)

Day 345

The coolest art pencils...for my little artist! 

Day 344

Christmas Shopping!

Day 343

Getting Ready for a Christmas Casino Party!

Day 342

Day 341

Merry Christmas

Day 340

Day 339

Ho Ho Ho

Day 338

Warm day today so we are thinking snow! We cut out snowflakes!  They turned out BEAUTIFUL...if we do say so ourselves!  ;)

Day 337 part 2

My First Attempt at Smoke Photography :)

Day 337

Day 336

Santa Dog

Day 335

Day 334

Today, I finally got my flu shot!  This little guy said he'd hold my hand!  :)

Day 333 Part 2

"Be the Light"

Day 333

Warrior 2 in a high a cold room. 

Day 332

Quiet Mornings

Day 331

Day 330

Early Sunday Morning Coffee by the Tree

Day 329

Today's sweat and 5 pound Thanksgiving Loss is brought to you by: The Hot Yoga Studio that makes it all happen!

Day 328

Parade...Ballerina's in Boots, Jack Frost, Super Heroes, and Santa with the MRS! 

Day 327 Part 2

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Day 327

Happy Thanksgiving