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Day 31

 I have a slight addiction to Boom Chicka Pop!  I picked the apple instead. 

Determination... Proverbs 31 OBS Blog Hop

This is our word for the week with Proverbs 31 OBS and defines determination as: the act of coming to a decision  or of fixing or settling a purpose. Last week, I wrote about what I craved and this week I’m determined to crave God’s opinion of me- His love for me…rather than what anyone else thinks of me.  I realized that I have been spiritually underweight.  I was kind of shocked to think of myself as spiritually underweight because I think of myself as a Jesus girl.  BUT…while I am in The Word daily…I haven’t fully let God’s love for ME fill me or soak in.  His love isn’t like how I love…because honestly He loves all the good and the bad about me.  He never leaves me no matter what…He always loves.      In her book Made to Crave , Lysa TerKeurst talks about fixing our foundation.  There is a hole in my foundation and I need to fill it with God’s truths and love - because Jesus is only interested in my heart.