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Day 335

Day 334

Today, I finally got my flu shot!  This little guy said he'd hold my hand!  :)

Day 333 Part 2

"Be the Light"

Day 333

Warrior 2 in a high a cold room. 

Day 332

Quiet Mornings

Day 331

Day 330

Early Sunday Morning Coffee by the Tree

Day 329

Today's sweat and 5 pound Thanksgiving Loss is brought to you by: The Hot Yoga Studio that makes it all happen!

Day 328

Parade...Ballerina's in Boots, Jack Frost, Super Heroes, and Santa with the MRS! 

Day 327 Part 2

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Day 327

Happy Thanksgiving

Day 326

Bible Study

Day 325

Morning Cup of Boots!

Day 324

Thanksgiving Tree

Day 323

My Reading Partner

Day 322

All Prepped and Ready!

Day 321

Me and My Camera  :)

Day 320

I know a little skater that would LOVE this!  :)

Day 319

Day 318

A Little Energy Snack!

Day 317

Day 316

Thank all who serve and have served!

Day 315

Waiting for a treat!

Day 314

Counting Gifts...

Day 313

My inner June Cleaver...

Day 312

Eyeball photo fun! 

Day 311

My New Shirt!  Proverbs 31:25

Day 310

Yes...The Upstairs Tree is UP!  (I'll wait a bit longer for the Family Room Tree)  ;)

Day 309

Day 308

Christmas Ice Show Practice....Hot Chocolate to Warm Up!

Day 307


Day 306

Gingerbread Latte with Story Time!  Everyone is happy!