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Day 334

Day 333

Home----Photo taken by my Mini.  :)

Day 332

Day 331

Day 330

Day 329

Grand Floridian Christmas Tree

Day 328

Early Morning Coffee....

Day 327

Here on the blog beginning 12/1 and going through the 25th I'll be digging into Ann Voskamp's newest book,  The Greatest Gift-  Unwrapping The Full Love Story of Christmas.  "Make some space in the pace for PEACE!"  ~Ann Voskamp I want in the pace for PEACE!  

Day 326

Giving Thanks Always...

Yes I Do! Proverbs 31 OBS Blog Hop Day!!

I have a lot of passions in my life.   A passion for being a great wife to my husband. A passion for being a great mother to my children.   A passion for taking pictures that speak to people.   A passion for writing.   A passion for crafting.   A passion for people seeing Jesus in me.    But all these passions aren’t   goals…they are more like arrows that lead me to Jesus.      “The spirit of Jesus lives inside us.   He intends to continue moving on earth in me the way He moved on earth as himself- doing only what He sees His Father doing. “ - Emily Freeman Jesus moved when His Father told Him to.   Jesus did what His Father asked Him to.   Jesus kept His eyes on His Father the whole time He walked this earth.   I can look at my passions and start to think…but do I really make a difference?   What I’m doing right now…does that really even matter?   It’s just a picture.   It’s just laundry.   It’s just cleaning the bathroom.   It’s just picking up toys