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Take the Hill

Take the Hill (Repost) A 10 year old girl hops on a yellow motorcycle and takes off down the road.  One of her favorite things to do is to ride on this little motorcycle every single day.  Riding on it gives her a sense of freedom like nothing else and frankly - it is so much fun!  She rides all over the place and only comes back to fill her tank with gas. She wants to do some of the things that the other kids do on their bikes but she’s little and so is her motorcycle.  The other kids have bigger motorcycles and they are much bigger kids than she is.  These other kids can jump mounds of dirt hills with their bikes and she wants to jump a hill!  She’s afraid so she just rides over the hill slow until one day she decides to go for it.  She rides around the loop and coming out of the final turn before the jump she pulls back the throttle and gives it all she’s got.  No looking back…eyes on the hill and she takes the hill!  Not a big jump for her bike but she jumped it

Day 149

Whatever we focus on - has our attention. If we focus on fear, personal failures, our trials, our challenges - then our eyes are on us and not Him. But, if we look up - and focus on The Author of our faith - The One who says we're flawless...then we win! Today, turn your focus on Him. Don't let the enemy kill your passion -- he has already been defeated!

Day 148

Today, in the busyness of your day - remember that He is Peace {in} the chaos.

Day 147

Day 146

Day 145

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all those that serve our country!

Day 144

Day 143

Look for the "little" things today - and give thanks to Him.

Day 142

Have faith in Him. Believe what He says about YOU! There is a war of our hearts...scripture says that our heart is wicked and deceitful. Be rooted in who He says you are. You are defined by God and He loves you. (Be rooted in who He says I am - not who I say I am!)

Day 141

What if today - we ask Him to use all of our imperfections - to be imperfectly bold to share and point to Jesus? We are imperfect - but His grace is sufficient. Be bold today friends!

Day 140

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13

Day 139

Our words are powerful. That saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" - that's a lie. Words can build someone up or they can tear them down. Today, use your words to speak make souls stronger...yes STRONGER! “When you talk, do not say harmful things, but say what people need—words that will help others become stronger.“ Ephesians 4:29 (NCV)

Day 138

Day 137

Day 136

Day 135

Day 134

Rest in the faithfulness of God. You may have regrets, you may suffer, you may wrestle with things - but in Him you will rise, you are secure and you have won. Rest in Him.

Day 133

The world views things a certain way and Jesus sees it all differently. Today is a gift - you have breath in your lungs and strength for today...turn this day upside down and see things/people through Jesus' lens. Invite Him in and allow Him to show you.

Day 132

God is our defender. Keep a quiet spirit - press in and trust that He will defend you.

Day 131

Day 130

Day 129

Day 128's not deserved - it's all about the Giver. AND - everything is marked with His grace. What does grace look and sound like? Jesus.

Day 127

Day 126

Joseph had dreams. God gave Joseph a glimpse of the end before his journey had really started. Have you ever had a glimpse? He showed me glimpse almost 2 years ago. Completely threw me off and I gasped for air when I saw the glimpse. Shook my head - almost like I was trying to erase it - like it was on an etch a sketch. Then I laughed and said, "No way!" Today, I don't laugh about it anymore or try and shake my head, I believe He knows what He is doing. I'm still scared and not really sure of that image...but thankful He only shows me a bit at a time. In His timing.

Day 125

Trying to be perfect can bring you down. Do the next thing in front of you - pay attention to that - look for Him today, keep seeking the light and be thankful.

Day 124

Day 123

Plant seeds with the hope that God will one day bring the harvest. Happy Sunday, Friends!

Day 122

Walk with Him and follow the Light! Spread the light! Happy Saturday!!

Day 121

This blog is changing a bit...I feel like God is asking me to tweak what I am doing.  No longer will this be a 365 blog on what my day may look like - but rather a picture to inspire the reader to look to Him as well as weekly writing posts.  So, a little different but still pointing to Him.  Walking in obedience. When you don't want to do that hard thing...put one foot in front of the other. Be brave. Keep going up that mountain- it won't always be there. But God will. The mountain blocks the miracle...we may not see that miracle today but keep going up the mountain. He who is in you is Greater!