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Day 243

Bacon Wrapped Dates For The Party and the dog wants some

Day 242

Day 241

But When God.... { Day 240 }

“But when He who set me apart before I was born and called me by His grace was pleased to reveal Himself to me that I might…” ~Galatians 1:15 I’m parked right here with this verse because three words have captivated me… But when He.   These words are extremely powerful and I think about them in my own life.     In this verse Paul states what God’s grace did for him…what He does for me. 1.      He was set apart.   I was set apart before I was born. 2.     He was “called” by God’s grace.   I am called by God’s grace. 3.     Jesus was revealed to him.   Jesus is revealed to me. In the notes part of my Bible for this verse it says: “set me apart before I was born…the emphasis is again on God’s initiative: Paul was not called because of anything he himself accomplished.”    It’s not about what our accomplishments are…how many diplomas I have…or how many initials are behind my name.  Sure those are all good but