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Day 151

Day 150

Your Time With Him....Is Never Wasted Time!

Day 149

They are blank right now...but canNOT wait for the finished project!   Going to Create Some Magic!  Forever Memories! Will show the finished project soon!!

Day 148

"I do it because I like the boy"

Day 147

Happy Memorial Day!

Day 146

Day 145

Day 144

Day 143

Instagram Picture

Day 142

Day 141

Day 140

Book Love!

Day 139

Day 138

Day 137

Day 136

"The idea of prayer is not in order to get answers from God; prayer is perfect and complete oneness with God."  ~Oswald Chambers

Day 135

Day 134

Another Birdie Shot....this one has breakfast. 

Day 133

Mr. Birdie at Lunch Time  :)

Day 132

Day 131

Day 130

Day 129

Day 128

Day 127

New Tank =)

Day 126

Elmo boo boo ice pack is being used a lot today.  :(  (iPhone Picture)

Day 125

Dessert Topping!  YUMMY!!!!

Day 124

Playing on this Beautiful Day! Love these on the grill!  Yum!

Day 123

I think we like Mo Willems....these are just SOME of the books!

Day 122

Confession:  Woke up this birthday morning to feeling stiff and sore and needing Advil!  (a joke on me for aging? ) Going to celebrate this birthday fixing the stiff and soreness with a glass and the tub! =) My Birthday on this day!  Thankful for 40 years! Enjoying this day...Health Nut Basket from my Parents- YUM The Word!  Best Present Ever from my Grandfather! My Family!  =)! Blessed!

Day 121

Bushes are finally blooming! "Live Simply."