Day 345 - It's been awhile since I have actually written something.

God Showed Up...

What seemed to be a normal night for me was not normal at all. My daughter was at dance, my husband and son at hockey, and me at home waiting to go back to dance. I began pulling out gifts to wrap for Christmas when the phone rang. It was my husband – which was really odd that he would be calling and calling the house. He should be on the ice coaching. I thought maybe something happened to our son. When I answered he began telling me about a phone call he just got from one of our friends. Her dogs were just attacked by another dog, one was killed and the other took off. She wanted us to put a message on our community Facebook page and then to go look for her dog. I did just that. I put the message out and grabbed my boots, a flashlight, an extra leash, and my phone. I looked back at my dog who was ready to assist me and said to her, “Nope, you are staying here!” 

I headed out and ran into a few neighbors who were out looking as well. We all went in different directions. I walked down a street calling out for G (I’m going to call her G) knowing that she probably would not come to me. She’s only smelled my hand a few times and has always been skittish. 

I started walking towards my friend’s house thinking maybe G was headed home. I stopped in between houses and G ran right in front me. I called out to her and she stopped and looked at me. She didn’t run but when I took a step, she walked quickly in this grassy area by the power lines. I called out to her softly and tried to convince her to come to me. 

Another neighbor came and suggested she would go to the other side of the grassy area incase G headed in that direction. When she was leaving, she ran into G’s Momma and told her where I was and that I had just seen G.

G’s momma told me to stay where I was, and she kept walking and calling out for her. I thought, “Yes, she will come out now she can hear her momma.” I stood still, closed my eyes, and could hear G’s paws on the leaves. I knew she was close. I quietly called out to her and felt like I could only hear her if my eyes were closed. I don’t know why – but I could hear better? When I opened my eyes – G was standing next to me looking up at me. I said, “Hi G! I know it’s been hard, but your Mommy is right over there. It’s ok.” I leaned over and slowly grabbed her leash.  I shined my flashlight on her back and yelled out to my friend, “R, I have her!” 

Here is how God showed up!
First, the phone call that my husband received. He’s on the ice – with 9 and 10 year old’s…he NEVER hears his phone ringing. His ringer was at the lowest setting – yet he heard the phone. Amongst kids talking, hockey pucks and sticks hitting the ice, and a helmet on his head. Second, our community went out to help. Big hearts! Third, I believe God walked her over to me. G has never stood still for me. If I move, she moves. She stood next to me…looked at me and let me take her leash. She knew her Momma was around, and I believe God brought her to me.

An awful thing happened to my friend’s other dog…and I can’t explain why bad things happen to good people. But I believe with all my heart that God was there during it all. I believe He was walking a dog to get back to her person. We must look for the light in all situations and be the light for others in their dark times. And sometimes, we need to close our eyes and be still so that we can hear Him better.

Please keep my friend in your prayers. She witnessed an awful thing right in front of her and the memory of it weighs heavily on her. 


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