Day 226

"But when I give you a message, I will loosen your tongue and let you speak." ~Ezekiel 3:27

Day 225

“Fear loses oxygen when every moment suspends itself under the purpose of bringing Him glory, of knowing His name and His nature. Sometimes, instead of leading us up and out of those very fears, big and small, He lets us live them. He gives us over to them. Because it’s in this giving over to our fears that we find the perfect love that frees us from them. Forever.” ~Sara Hagerty

Day 224

“There’s a difference between good judgment and living in judgment.” ~Bob Goff

Day 223


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Day 220

Several years ago, I poured out all the best words I had into a book proposal, only to get rejected.

At the same time, other writer friends were getting accepted by publishers. I said on the outside, “Good for them.” But on the inside, I just kept thinking, “Ouch…that means less opportunity for me.”

After processing for a while, I turned to God’s Word. He showed me new and life-giving realities.

Other people’s success does not threaten mine or yours. When they do well, we all do well.

And remember there is an abundant need in this world for your contributions to the kingdom — your thoughts and words and artistic expressions ... your exact brand of beautiful. Know it. Believe it. Live it.
~Lysa TerKeurst