31 Days of Chasing THE Light Day 2 {Day 274}

Spiritual Oxygen

A while back, I was on a flight to Florida. As we started taxing down the runway, the flight attendant began the normal list of instructions.  She got to the “traveling with small children” part and spoke about putting your mask on first and then the child’s. I’ve always wondered if I would really do that or would I try to put my kids mask on first? I mean, I understand the whole point of it. I could run out of oxygen and not be able to do it…BUT, I am always putting them first and would want them to survive if we are truly going to lose oxygen in the cabin that quickly. You know?

Breathing is involuntary – we just do it. When we aren’t thinking about taking breaths – they are often shallow and we end up using only a ¼ of our lungs. We can feel tired and irritable. Our body will often force a yawn out of us so that we can get more air into our bodies. When we do take deep breaths – completely filling our lungs and focusing on it – we then can relax and control our moods. Just by focusing on our inhalations and exhalations.

Without oxygen, we will die and without spiritual oxygen, our spirit can’t thrive.

I’ve been numb for quite a while…just going through the motions. Not thinking about oxygen or anything for that matter. All the while – slowly losing spiritual oxygen and distancing myself from The Power Source. Why? I don’t know…I’ve just been numb. 

That’s what happens when you start to walk away. You get so far away from your tank and the plug pulls out. Numbness sets in.

He’s left standing there waiting for you to notice. He tries to get your attention – but you just keep walking past Him.

“Then the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person.”
~Genesis 2:7 (NLT)

When we realize we can’t do this life without Him…and all we can do is sigh…He hears our sighs and bends down to breathe the breath of life into us once again. 

For me, it kind of felt like being under water for so long and then racing to get to the surface to gasp for air! We can only hold our breath for so long…eventually we must take a breath. Coming to the surface - His air filling my lungs…breathing the breath of life back into me. I was recharged and alive again. Begging for forgiveness for blindly walking away.

Surrender and make this one life count. Breathe with Him. Open His word and let Him speak to you. Plug in to The One who can recharge and save you. The One who can create the spark and who can fan the flame with His breath to keep the fires going.


“I will put my Spirit in you, and you will live again…” ~Exekiel 37:14 (NLT)

Focus: Can we pay attention to our breaths? I used to lead my yoga students in this exercise…let’s do this today: take a deep breath to the count of 5. Hold for 3. Exhale for 7! Do this 3-5 times.  Allow your shoulders to move away from your ears and visualize the stress and tension melting. Like an ice cube in hot water. 

Zoom in (journal): Write out everything that comes to your mind. Some call this a brain dump. Then write out 5 things you are thankful for. 

Capture: Where did you see His Light today? Where did you spread His Light today?


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