31 Days of Chasing THE Light Day 12 {Day 284}

Climbing Light

But when He who set me apart before I was born and called me by His grace was pleased to reveal Himself to me that I might…” ~Galatians 1:15

I’m parked right here with this verse because three words have captivated me…But when He. These words are extremely powerful and I think about them in my own life. 

In this verse Paul states what God’s grace did for him…what He does for me, you.
          1.  He was set apart.  We were set apart before we were born.
          2. He was “called” by God’s grace.  We are called by God’s grace.
          3. Jesus was revealed to him.  Jesus is revealed to us.

In the notes part of my Bible for this verse it says: “set me apart before I was born…the emphasis is again on God’s initiative: Paul was not called because of anything he himself accomplished.”

It’s not about what our accomplishments are…how many diplomas I have…or how many initials are behind by name. Sure those are all good but God does not look at the things we look at. He looks at the heart. He chooses us for our heart and our obedience and it’s up to us to take the next step in faith.

If we take a look at the people God handpicked to use for His works – we know that it isn’t about accomplishments.

2 Timothy 1:9 says that God’s calling is by grace not according to our work.

If I think for a moment that it’s about my accomplishments in my life – then that nullifies what Jesus did on the cross. I don’t have to climb up a ladder to get to God. Jesus came down for me. Jesus saved my life and He didn’t do it because I followed a set of rules.  No, I’m a mess and have definitely broken some rules. He did it because He loves me. The Cross is enough. I don’t have to do more – I just have to trust and have faith in Jesus.

“Jesus is our ladder. We don’t have to climb up because He comes down to us.” ~Ann Voskamp

But when God set me apart before I was born and called me by His grace – ME – the messed up me – the rule breaker me – the do it all on my own me – when He set me apart and revealed His son Jesus to me…so that I can be formed into the image of His son and show others Jesus through me. That is a But When God moment.

God does not look at the things we look at – He looks at the heart.

But When God said to me, “Michelle, it’s not about your past…it’s about your willingness. I want to use you because of your obedience and because of your heart. Trust me to go with you and finish the work I have started in you. Trust me to develop you. I have chosen you.”

“The Christian life is always, always on-the-job training.” ~Christine Caine

Focus: Are you trying to climb the ladder?

Zoom in (Journal): Can you sit at His feet today and trust Him…trust that you don’t have to climb the ladder to get to Him.

Capture: Did you stay in His Light today?



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