Day 236

I love this time of year...the hint of fall is right around the corner. As I sat on the porch having my coffee...I thought a lot about this change, me, and my family. As we begin to move into a new season...I'm going to step back and lean into a quieter time. Life is flying by and the noise level is too loud. I'm stepping back from my social media accounts so that I can lean in. I'm leaving my social media accounts in good hands and will be back. The blog will continue to have a picture a day with a message that points to Him. I want to get quiet. I need to get quiet. I need to get small. I need to hear God over all this noise. 

October is coming....and 31 Days of Chasing THE Light is as well!  31 Days will be on the blog starting October 1st! Grab your journal and get ready to Chase. It sounds like a race but we're not racing...we're training. We have to be taught to move towards THE Light.

"Listen to your life - so you can make the life you is never about being seen - it's about seeing God. And about God seeing us and revealing Himself to us." ~Ann Voskamp

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