Day 28

I push the gate door open and immediately see this shape in the snow.  I say to my hubby, "Aww!  Look it's a heart! Give me your phone!"  (Maybe I should have sprinkled a little please at the end of that. Sorry Hubby!) I had to get a picture because that's what I do.  Every time I would walk past it I would step over it - careful not to trample on it. Then when I shut the gate I remembered a conversation my daughter and I had. It was about the gate to our heart and how we can choose to let things in or not. We could let fear in by just leaving that door wide open or we could stop and fight with the Word of God. We decided that we would let God stand at the door of our hearts. He would be our Gate Keeper. Who do you want standing at the front of your gate?  Fear? Anxiety? The enemy? Or God?


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