Day 219

God isn't a genie in a magic bottle. He loves to give His children His gifts - but what I think He wants most is our heart and our trust. Jesus invites Peter to step out of the boat while the storm is happening. While the storm is happening! Now, let me backtrack a second - the disciples witnessed Jesus do a huge miracle that day - feeding of the 5,000 with what the little boy had - so they know what He can do. They've walked closely with Him and have seen Jesus work! As soon as Peter takes his eyes off of Jesus - he begins to sink in the water. God is with us in the MIDST of our storm. We have His power to get through - but when our eyes are off of Him - we see our storm and begin to sink. When we sink - we cry out to Him and He saves. Our Savior, Look to Him and keep your eyes there - not on the storm.


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January 3, 2020