White Noise --- { Thursday's Blog Post }

“God’s first language is Silence.
Everything else is a translation.”
~Thomas Keating

White noise…I love it.  I have had some type of noise playing in the background for as long as I can remember.  I have to have it.  After having my children, I played white noise to try and keep the outside noise out while they were sleeping.  I still do it.  When there is no noise…it’s just too quiet for me.  

Noise – it can be good and not so good.

I’ve begun this new thing on the weekends.  I step away from the computer screen and the noise of the world to just really connect with my family.  The weekends are for connecting, for resting, for playing and for listening.  This refuels me for the next week. I do connect with my family during the week too---just to note.  


I am a team leader with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies and I’m online Monday – Friday…a lot.  So, my “free” time during the week is spent online.  While I love what I do…social media can suck the life right out of me.  My canary stops singing.  (If you read Glennon Doyle Melton’s blog, Momastery, you know what I mean. If not go here-   http://momastery.com/blog) or as Lysa TerKeurst states in her book, The Best Yes, “the elephant is sitting on my air hose.” I make my “Best Yes” decision by slowing down and seeing my reflection in the eyes of my family. I remove what I can of the *noise* of the world and listen to the voice of God. 

“Quietness is the classroom where you learn to hear (My) God’s voice.”
~Jesus Calling

I pay attention to what is around me – above me – beneath me.  I’m present in the moment.  This can be hard because I’m used to distractions.  I’m used to the busyness, the noise.  But does all of that really matter?  Does the noise of distractions really matter?  Or does this one life we are given matter.  I want my children to know that the noise of this world is fine but the noise coming from them is what I’m living for.  

I wrote last week about being a Hunter of Beauty - there is beauty everywhere.  There is beauty right in front of you.  In the mess of it all…there is beauty.  Today…is what we have.  Seek the light in the daily activities.  Everything comes alive when it’s bathed in light.  

When I look in the eyes of my children…I see my reflection.  I see the light in their eyes.  When our eyes connect…and they see that my focus is on them…that they are the most important thing ever…they come alive.  I fill them and He fills me.  

“An essential by-product of stopping to breathe and still our spirits and minds is that it gives God time to get a word in edgewise and speak to us. So much of our mental confusion, emotional upheaval and physical exhaustion would greatly dissipate if we would simply take the time to stop, breathe and lean into the presence of God.” ~Christine Caine


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