The Gift.... { Day 302 }

My car breaks down in a parking lot and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get home.  A guy that I work with – he walks out to his car to go home and sees that I’m having trouble.  This guy – he’s the reason why I decided to work at this place.  He comes over and takes a look at my car, tells me what the problem is and says that he will give me a ride home.  (I think I might have called my dad to see if it was ok for me to ride with him – my dad was 4 hours away.) But I knew that this guy had a huge heart.  He always helped people.  It’s who he was…it’s who he is.

October 30, 1994…we had our first date.  That was 20 years ago today. 

We’re much older now and we have two beautiful children - a life I would never trade.  He gets me - he knows how to speak to me.  He speaks my language.

We were married 16 years ago and our love today has evolved to so much more than just that butterfly feeling.  It’s not the fairytale life…its real life and I would marry him all over again today.  

One thing that hasn’t changed in our years together…he’s always there for me.  No matter what – he always shows up.  I often joke that my camera is like my right hand but really – it’s him.  He loves through it all. 

He dropped everything to help me study for nursing. He carried me when I couldn’t walk. He held my hand during miscarriages and c-sections.  He told me everything was going to be ok when I almost died after having our daughter – and he puts up with me reminding him about it all the time by saying, “Well, remember when I almost died?” 

He leans in when I push away and loves me when I’m hard to love.  

God knew what He was doing when He sent him to be my hero.  He knew what kind of man would need to be with me…one that would lean in.  

I’m so thankful for him – the gift.  Thankful for the “us.”  Thankful for our time together at the end of the day with our hot chocolate!  It’s the little things. 

Happy “First-Date” Anniversary!  I love you more.

It's not your love that sustains the marriage - but from now on, the marriage that sustains your love." ~Deitrich Bonhoeffer


  1. Happy Anniversary "first date" and you know what I don't remember ours. Love this. Great job. Much in common girlfriend - miscarriages, and I almost died with toxemia with my second and they said no more. Love ya.

  2. Girl - you had me at "he gets me". LOVE this. Happy Anniversary. The Bonhoffer quote there at the end? Yes. To. That.


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