The Day after Christmas---- Day 360

Usually, I’m sad the day after Christmas.  Usually---I am sad right after the presents are opened and the family room is destroyed…if I’m being honest.  

But not today.  

It’s different for me this year.  Maybe because of Advent?  Maybe because of pouring myself into Ann Voskamp’s newest book, The Greatest Gift?  

This year, I have spent every day understanding what Christmas really means and that Christmas is every day because Christ stays with us.  Jesus doesn’t go anywhere…He is with us everywhere we go.  


As we end 2013—I reflect back at the year.  My one word for 2013 was “Forward” and I truly believe I have grown.  I have moved forward with God.  I have done things with Him that I never thought possible.  I’ve sat with Him, I’ve listened to Him (maybe not 100%--sadly), I’ve taken steps forward with Him and I’ve grown.  I have a ways to go but I’m continuing to move forward with Him.

2014’s one word hasn’t been decided on yet.  I have a few I’m tossing around but I will know when the time is right.  Finding that one word for me isn’t something I can just grab at…it requires prayer and patience.  

So this day after Christmas…I’m not sad that it is over.  I’m not sad because I know that this only means that the Greatest Gift given continues to be my gift every single day that I accept to unwrap it.  Jesus reaches out His hand and I choose to keep holding on to it.  

(the picture below was taken earlier this month)

“You can only hear your life sing…when you still.”  
 Ann Voskamp


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