Be All In! { Day 353 }

I have to wake early before anyone else does.  It’s like my go power.  I need to get up, get some coffee, and sit with Jesus.  Sometimes I read, sometimes I edit photos with scripture and sometimes I write.  But it’s my quiet time and it helps me focus before little feet hit the floor.

Motherhood--- I can treat it as a common thing…a commonplace… but it’s really only for a moment.  It goes by so fast. I should treat it as amazing grace.  

This weekend my pastor talked about Mary.  He said that she was “all in for God.”  I thought…what am I “all in for?” 

Mary did everything for Him and was chosen to be Jesus’ mom.  When the angel told her what was going to happen she didn’t say, “Oh I can’t do that!”  She said, “I am the Lord’s servant…may it be to me as you have said.”  She was all in.  

I would have questioned it for sure.  Her only question to the angel was, “How will this be, since I am a virgin?”  I don’t know exactly what I would have said but I’m pretty sure I would have been thinking--- not me.  I can’t do that! 

Be all in…to whatever God gives you.  When He gives you the small things…be all in.  When you can handle the small things…He will give you bigger things.  Have a heart for God.  

Sometimes I watch my kids sleep and say, “I get to do this!  I get to be their Mommy.”  But when they are arguing over whatever and making me crazy with their fighting over who gets the shower first (really?)---I suck the joy out and think I can’t take it.  Only I can kill joy.  Nobody around me can kill the joy…only me.  I am the one that can choose to react.  

Charis…means grace in Greek. 

Mary was favored and was blessed with all kinds of grace.

So…I get up early and I write.  I write out all the small gifts that He has blessed me with.  All the small things that when I’m writing them out…seem so big and so great.  Charis.

Writing out God’s gifts to me is like a present unwrapping for Him as well.  I see all that He has given…and as I write…He smiles.  Charis.

Be all in for God!  

Motherhood!  Be All In!

Being a wife!  Be All In!

Write!  Be All In!

Be all in for God! 


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