Advent Day 21

Advent Day 21:  "Prepare the way for the LORD'S coming!"  ~Matthew 3:3

"You felt that road--how it can twist, right there in your gut.  Expectations can ride like highwaymen, ransacking joy, killing relationships.  Performance bandits can choke mercilessly at the jugular, steal the riches of His grace." ~Ann Voskamp

"There is only room in us when we are done with us" ~Ann Voskamp

"Rest happy as only children can be happy in the days before Christmas.  Rest happy and love this story of a coming King who prepares the downtrodden for Christmas by becoming the Way, who lays Himself down in the creche, on the Cross, so we can lie down and rest."  ~Ann Voskamp

Highlights from Ann Voskamp's book, The Greatest Gift


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